Sottocasa is Pizza
State of the art, flavorful, authentic Neapolitan Pizza. Which means a century old technique and the freshest ingredients, with an eye always open toward the environment. We source the best flour and tomatoes from Italy, and most of our fresh cheeses are from the US, so they travel less and they are always as fresh as possible. And we cook everything in a 2 tons, 1000F wood fired oven, built and shipped from Naples… check our flying oven!

Our Product
We do Neapolitan Pizza for the simple reason that we think is the best of all the different kinds of pizza that came after that. We liked something better, we would do that. The main parts of our pizza are: dough, tomatoes, mozzarella and oil. Our dough is only made of Italian 00 flour, fresh yeast, salt and water. And time. In fact, before becoming your pizza, the dough sits, in different stages, for at least 48 hours, but usually it is never used before 60. This process grants a very light, digestible and flavorful dough.

We use only Italian Organic Tomatoes for our sauce, freshly crashed and with just a little salt added. We love to taste tomatoes in a tomato sauce. Fior di Latte Mozzarella from Wisconsin is our choice for the cheese. A beautiful white, clean and fresh cheese that we break by hand everyday to insure the right texture. And we gently sprinkle our pizza with a unique, delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily, labeled directly for Sottocasa. And you can be sure that all the other ingredients that will make your pizza a unique experience are carefully sourced to meet our standards!